Founder & CEO

Of A Perfect Gifter
& Dk Design Sheoganj

Oh!! You really want to know more about me. Seriously!! I am glad that you are here. So, then hello My name is Dalpat Kumar Mali, Founder & CEO Of A Perfect Gifter and Dk Design Sheoganj.

I’ve been called a photographer, digital nomad, instagrammer, social entrepreneur and a business consultant.

I grew up in Sheoganj, Rajasthan. I am a graduate in Bachelor Of Science with PCM. And also have a stable corporate job, but as there is no passion to be found in playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are living. So I also do the work that I love the most, that is photography.Yes, I am kinda a professional photographer who have a work experience of about 10 year and more. The interest towards photography was generated by my very dear uncle who owns a studio. Constant visits to that studio made me fall in love with the camera. Oh! If you want to take a look at my photographic skills then go through my Instagram page, I can guarantee that you will love them all.


I have also generated a love in graphic designing. I've loved drawing for as long as I can remember. I have doing this for last 10 years. And had a very smooth journey so far. In 2018, I started DK DESIGN SHEOGANJ, a graphic designing platform to make my work a bit public. And honeslty I have got some really good feedback. I am glad that I opened DK DESIGN SHEOGANJ. This is a kinda job that I love doing. This Website helped me to gain a lot of knowledge about this digit world.


Since my childhood I saw my uncle run a studio. Yes, you are right that the interest towards photography was generated from there but it was not just the photography, yes, it’s true that I have learned a lot of the skills in photography from him. But one more thing that drive my interest was the business side of that studio. I really liked and appreciated that side of my uncle’s studio. So, seeing the success of DK DESIGN SHEOGANJ, in 2020 I thought of starting a new website called A PERFECT GIFTER, a Ecommerce website for creating customised gifts for your loved ones, This website was a great success in my life. Also, with all this I also run business consulting or a business expert advising firm which basically helps people to get expert ideas on their business ideas.

Now when I see back, I see a long journey that was a roller coaster for me. I worked with some really talented and warm people who really helped me to grow so much, And I really appreciate their contribution in this journey. This people are:

  • Sammy Kalan
  • Jagdish Nikam
  • Bhushan Jadhav
  • Salman Shaikh
  • and many more.​

Truly I really love what I do and will continue doing so. With your love and support we will grow to the sky. So, thank you for supporting


“DK is perhaps one of the best portrait photographers & graphics designer. His dedication towards his work helps him to provide highly well-defined features, drawing the viewer’s attention to every detail and allowing one to weave a tale. He quite ingeniously captures many different moods. DK captures well, composes well, plays beautifully with textures and the captions and adds the whole new dimension to his pictures. A glimpse through his account will leave you in no doubt how extravagantly he does that.”

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Salman Shaikh



A Graphics Designing Service Plateform



An E-Commerce Website for make Gifts and More

10+ Years

Experience in Graphics Designing

All type of graphics design in Photoshop, Corel & Illustrator

5+ Years

Experience in Video Editing

All types of video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro & more

5+ Years

Experience in Bussiness Expert Advice

Can make your Bussiness upto 10X with Latest Ideas

2+ Years

Experience in Web development & App Development

Multi types of website development in WordPress 

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